Company Profile

Company Profile

Perfect & Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd (P&G), established in 1978, is a privately Taiwan held corporation with corporate headquarter in Taipei, Taiwan and manufacturing facilities located in Taiwan and China.

Perfect &Glory specializes in developing and manufacturing PVA sponge products for the auto, sports, cosmetics, household, electronic and medical markets. Focusing on its core PVA manufacturing and research & development competencies, we offer high quality and cost effective PVA products for the customers and markets we serve around the world.

Perfect & Glory has been recognized as a qualified and excellent supplier by many customers around the world including well-know brand names. Our mission is accomplished through our expertise in PVA manufacturing, research and development and a dedication to quality, performance, continuous product improvement, and confidentiality.

Our business philosophy is built on long term relationships with our customers focusing on delivering the highest-quality, cost effect PVA products. We believe in a long-term business model based on integrity, trust and reliability. We welcome your inquiries, questions, and any ideas or projects that we may be able to develop together.

PVA sponge manufacturer

Perfect & Glory Enterprise Co., Ltd. is a well-experienced PVA sponge Manufacturer in Taiwan, specializing in PVA chamois, PVA Sports towel and PVA facial cloth with superior quality. In addition to PVA chamois, we also produce PVA mop, PVA sponge cloth, PVA sea sponge, PVA roller and PVA wiper with variety of specifications.  We can supply any different type of Sponge and PVA Products as customers’ request.  Please do not hesitate to contact us if you are looking for PVA sponge, PVA towel and PVA sponge cloth with premier quality and competitive price.

‧Main Products:
   ‧PVA chamois
   ‧PVA sponge block
   ‧Facial sponge
   ‧PVA smooth rollers
   ‧PVA mops